Catering Menu

Thinking of your next party? Still do not know what to get? Come to us! We will help yuo! We, Ashia, the best Asian restaurant in town. We will not only be able to provide you the most delicious food but also the most reasonable price. Our specialist will assist you to manage the menu which will fit your occasion best, and deliver right to you! Your satisfaction will be granted! So, what are you waiting for? Come to us and see you are qualified for addition discount on top of our already lower price! And also, We do sushi party tray based on your personal design too!
Sm: 4-6 People, Lg: 12-15 People


Edmame $18.00
Dumpling (30 pcs)
(Veg, Pork, or Chicken)
Shrimp Dumpling (30 pcs) $25.00
Crab Rangoon (30 pcs) $25.00
(4 beef sticks, 4 veg rolls, 4 wings, 4 crab rangoon, 4 ribs, 4 egg roll, 4 chicken stick, 8 crispy wonton)


Garden Salad $12.00
Avocado Carviar Salad $25.00
Mango Salad $15.00

Pai Thai

Veg. or Chicken Pai Thai (S)$35.00 (L)$65.00
Beef or Shrimp Pai Thai (S)$39.00 (L)$75.00

Main Entree

Any Vegee Dish (S)$30.00 (L)$60.00
Any Pork Dish (S)$35.00 (L)$75.00
Any Chicken Dish (S)$35.00 (L)$75.00
Any Beef Dish (S)$40.00 (L)$85.00
Any Shrimp Dish (S)$40.00 (L)$85.00
General Tso's Chicken (S)$40.00 (L)$85.00
Sesame Chicken (S)$40.00 (L)$85.00
Orange Chicken (S)$40.00 (L)$85.00
Tangerine Beef (S)$45.00 (L)$95.00
Sesame Beef (S)$45.00 (L)$95.00
General Tso's Shrimp (S)$50.00 (L)$100.00
Sesame Shrimp (S)$50.00 (L)$100.00

Side Entree

Veg., Pork or Chicken Fried Rice (S)$27.00 (L)$50.00
Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice (S)$29.00 (L)$60.00
House Special Fried Rice (S)$29.00 (L)$60.00
Veg, Pork, or Chicken Lo Mein (S)$30.00 (L)$60.00
Beef or Shrimp Lo Mein (S)$32.00 (L)$65.00
House Special Lo Mein (S)$32.00 (L)$65.00
Veg., Pork or Chicken Mei Fun / Chow Fun (S)$30.00 (L)$60.00
Beef or Shrimp Mei Fun / Chow Fun (S)$32.00 (L)$65.00
House Special Mei Fun / Chow Fun (S)$32.00 (L)$65.00
Veg. or Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice (S)$30.00 (L)$60.00
Beef or Shrimp Pineapple Fried Rice (S)$32.00 (L)$65.00